Aclima LeisureWool ReBorn: The shirt that gives new life to quality wool

With LeisureWool ReBorn, Aclima has found a new way to reuse wool

Aclima has found a method to reprocess waste from its own production.

From first-class wool, we spin new threads and manufacture the LeisureWool ReBorn shirt.

Besides being as sustainable as possible down to the smallest detail, the shirt is also
versatile and just as suitable in the mountains as in town.

Dress shirt, Clothing, Outerwear, Coat, Sleeve, Collar

LeisureWool ReBorn

ReBorn is a comfortable  shirt with carefully chosen details, like buttons made of coconut shells and threads made of recycled polyester.

Fibres: 70% Wool (Merino Recycled) 30% Polyamide (Recycled).

PRICE:  € 180,-

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We reuse first-class merino wool

Regardless of how effective clothing is manufactured, there will always be waste from the production. Materials that many choose to look at as trash.

At Aclima, we look at it as a resource – it is of course first-class wool we’re talking about. And for us, it’s also a question of reusing resources and sustainability.

With waste material from our own production, we can now manufacture the LeisureWool ReBorn shirt.

An all-round garment for both the outdoors and everyday usage.

- We are proud to have developed a product with all the fantastic advantages of merino wool in a quality that outdoor people connect with Aclima, while taking yet another step towards an even more sustainable production, says product head Kari Høgemo and textile engineer Trude Blekastad.

Wool collaboration with Italian specialist

A lot of work yielded a breakthrough in 2020, when Aclima together with an Italian textile manufacturer, an expert in recycled material, successfully
recycled wool material.

The Italian company treats the waste material, recycles the wool fibres and reinforces it with 30 per cent recycled synthetic fibres to
make the garment durable.

From the yarn, we weave a new material in our Estonian factories, from which we then manufacture our soft and comfortable
ReBorn shirts.

How many shirts are manufactured depends on the quantity of available remaining material.

In the first round, we manufactured 7,000 shirts from 6 tonnes of waste material.

Aclima LeisureWool ReBorn

We choose not to re-dye the wool

Aclima’s commitment to sustainability shines in the details.

The synthetic fibres used to make the garment last longer are recycled.

The buttons are made from coconuts instead of plastic and even the sewing threads are of recycled material.  

The garment is not re-dyed, but retains the colour from the leftover material, saving both water
and chemical usage.

ReBorn is a comfortable  shirt with carefully chosen details, like buttons made of coconut shells and threads made of recycled polyester.

Fibres: 70% Wool (Merino Recycled) 30% Polyamide (Recycled).

PRICE:  € 180,-

LeisureWool ReBorn (man)

Dress shirt, Clothing, Outerwear, Coat, Sleeve, Collar
Dress shirt, Clothing, Outerwear, Coat, Sleeve, Grey, Collar

ReBorn is a comfortable  shirt with carefully chosen details, like buttons made of coconut shells and threads made of recycled polyester.

Fibres: 70% Wool (Merino Recycled) 30% Polyamide (Recycled).

PRICE:  € 180,-

LeisureWool ReBorn (woman)

- To re-dye the wool again is a work that requires great resources in
the form of energy, water and chemicals.

- Instead of re-dying, the material is sorted at the factories before being sent to Italy for reprocessing. It’s a task that creates an extra commitment in the factories for just this fabric,
says sales manager Lars Eivind Johansen.

A plus for the conscious consumer

The decision to not recolour the wool means that different deliveries
can vary somewhat in colour.

It is dependent on what the colour of the remaining wool is manufactured from.

- We believe that most of our customers view this as a plus. For all of our customers, it’s important to know how the garment they use is made.

- I think that many put a price on a garment like ReBorn and the unique history connected
to the garment. A big interest in advance for the product shows that we’re right, says Lars.


A third-generation family company, founded in Drammen,
Norway in 1939

90 employees in three countries

Produces clothing to defence and security workers in
several countries and premium wool products to outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

All material development takes place in Norway and is
produced in our own European factories.

All production follows strict environmental

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NEW SHIRTS IN RECYCLED WOOL: Aclima LeisureWool ReBorn contains recycled wool.  

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UNIQUE COLOUR: Aclima LeisureWool ReBorn is not recoloured, but retains the colour of the waste material. This saves our environment and gives the garment a unique shade of colour.

Aclima has recycled material since 1939

Aclima has worked with wool for more than 80 years. Already from the very beginning, we have made use of excess material.

Our history started with wool soles that our
founder Eivind Johansen began making from industrial waste material from the city of Drammen.

Personal protective equipment, Standing, Suit, Sportswear, Sleeve, Wetsuit, Clothing, Black

- My grandfather would have
been proud of the work we have done with LeisureWool ReBorn.

- At Aclima, we have always been wool enthusiasts, we love to investigate new ways of using this fantastic material. Therefore, it’s really exciting to develop a new quality garment from waste material from our own production.

- Now, we have the possibility to
manufacture various types of garments with the same technique.

- My hope is for
other clothing manufacturers to view waste and leftover products as a resource, not as trash. Aclima’s LeisureWool ReBorn is a good example that waste wool can be
turned into gold, says Lars Eivind Johansen.

AWARD-WINNING PRODUCT: Aclima Woolnet Overall was in 2020 awarded the top prize at the Scandinavian Outdoor Awards.

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